Hi, I'm Daniel, Creative Director at Cheil Germany. This is my commercial portfolio page featuring a selection of projects from the past decade. Please scroll down to continue.

Atelierfrankfurt e.V.
Branding  •  Identity  •  Art Direction  •  Print Design  •  Packaging  •  Web solution  •  Global Communication 
 Atelierfrankfurt e.V. is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 in Frankfurt am Main, which operates the artist's house of the same name in Ostend. In the former warehouse built in 1912, the association provides around 130 studios that are leased to artists and creative people. Atelierfrankfurt is considered the largest art center in Hesse. With a project area of around 1,000 m2, the association offers space for various exhibitions of contemporary artists, symposia, lectures and other forms of cultural cooperation. The concept is based on the three pillars of production, presentation and networking. In addition to the provision of studio space and the organization of exhibitions, the association aims to encourage a dialogue between different artistic disciplines and to contribute to a network between cultural scene and local urban society.
Branding  •  Product Development  •  Creative Direction  •  Packaging  •  Case Study  •  Communication ​​​​​​​
 CONTEXT Jägermeister’s complex flavors taste best at -18°C or below - but consumers often overlook the „Serve Ice Cold“ note on the back label, resulting in a subpar product experience. Moreover, the bottle needs to be cooled intensively in the freezer to reach that perfect serving temperature. IDEA Turning the packaging into the message, the completely newly developed Jägermeister Coolpack promotes the idea of „best used ice cold“ all by itself, combining the classic 0,25l Jägermeister bottle with the iconic shape of typical coolpacks.
Braun Design
Branding    Identity    Graphic Design  •  Print Design  •  Packaging  •  Digital Solutions  •  Global Communication • Rendering  • Photography
 Functionality. Quality. Simplicity. Clarity. Embodied through long-lasting aesthetics. Brand values that match our own personal values, encouraging people to keep products as companions fora significant period of time. Objects designed in such a way that you still want to use them every day, even after many years. We create all this not in isolation, but in closely linked local and global networks of allies, partners and friends. Dedicated people, connected by their love for the Braun brand and their desire to create the very best.
Samsung VR The Future
Campaigning  •  VR Direction  •  Print Design  •  Packaging Design  •  Web Solution  •  Communication  •  Case Study Direction
 CONTEXT In the context of the 25th anniversary of the German Reunification Samsung aired a print ad reaching every household in Germany. The overall topic was “Future” as the greatest gift someone can receive. IDEA By creating immersive VR videos at 10 exiting locations we enable the customers to experience Germany in 25 minutes from a total new perspective. By giving away 25k branded cardboards and 250 Gear VR Samsung gives the chance to make the experience for free.
Various Projects​​​​​​​
Identity    Artwork  •  Packaging  •  Design Direction
 Regular plastic bags pollute our nature for up to 500 years. That’s why we developed FEEDitBAG: made from 100% compostable biopolymers and bio-degradable in only ten weeks. It’s our mission to reduce plastic waste and protect our environment.  You can easily do your part and be rewarded with a tasty surprise. In the first version of FEEDitBAG, you can plant a tomato, an eggplant or a pear tree. The FEEDitBAG bag has been developed in cooperation with NaKu.
DURAN® – DWK Lifesciences
Branding    Packaging  •  Graphic Design
EXCELLENCE in your hands – DWK Life Sciences is the new name for precision labware. Our company unites the expertise of the three global leading brands DURAN®, WHEATON® and KIMBLE® with a single aim: to help you achieve excellence in your field.
3M Sticky Billboards
 CONTEXT 3M™ Duct Tape is used by DIY enthusiasts, professtionals and artists in a multitude of circumstances. During the weeklong annual Hong Kong Walls Street Art Festival the brand took the chance to present itself to a wide audience. IDEA Put on numerous billboards across the city, the hooks of three of the catchiest tunes ever show the superior strength of 3M™ Extra Heavy Duty Duct Tape in a completely fresh and surprising way.
Cheil Showreel
Case Study    Direction
Mercedes Tramp-a-Benz
Graphic Design  •  Case Study
 For more than 125 years, Mercedes-Benz stands for a certain ambition: The best or nothing. Last year this principle of the founder Gottlieb Daimler became the new claim of the brand. To make this principle come alive, we sent street photographer and performance artist Stefan Gbureck on a journey hitchhiking with Mercedes only. The pictures and stories of the 17-day trip were shared on Stefan's Blog. He portrayed the drivers and their cars and showed the results to an even bigger audience after his trip on his very own exhibition. Stefan was invited to event shows and published a photo book with all the stories and pictures. Stefan's journey was followed by thousands of readers on his blog. Additionally, the exhibition and the photo book made his story accessible to an even larger amount of people. Bloggers commented on the project and the high ambition of a hitchhiker travelling with Mercedes only. The project was always related directly to the new claim "The best or nothing". 
Photography Projects  •  Story Telling  •  Research
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